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that your critics are saying, they say that because you're proposing cuts in benefits, tax breaks, eliminating, slowing down pay raises for some of those on military duty that you are in fact trying to balance the budget on the backs of these people who fought ise hasn't yet, but if it got in to civil war fair and invasion by russia to back up one side and ukraine these kind of tools would be applied and applied effectively and putin knows it. i'll relatively confident he won't go there. >> schieffer: i want to pick up on something you said awhile ago, when you come around, this is putin's problem. it's not the problem of the west. obviously it has repercussions for the west. give me more detail on that. >> if we look back several months we see that putin has been facing a rebellion on his border. in ukraine which is country of absolutely crucial strategic poshes to russia and many russians feel deep kinship, where the orthodox church was born. we've seen a movement turning west toward europe, putin tried to buy off the government of president yanokovich offering $15 billion to t
fully offset by cuts in mandatory spending and increases in taxes associated with closing tax loopholes. for the apartment of justice that would amount to a $26 billion increase in our budget. again, the 496 as a stand-alone budget which is what we describe to you. that is what will be in our detailed budget documents, but the president's budget will ask for those 26 billion in additional funding. let me tell you what is in that. next slide. about 40% of who would go for direct readiness assessments so that they can train more. about 40 percent of it would go for modernization improvements. to spend more on helicopters in the army for the black hawk and a patchy. we would buy more aircraft in the navy, to more f35 and a number of items that are there. the final 10 percent goes for installation, support increases, sustainment, and also a military construction, both of which have been cut quite a bit in recent years. it is our judgment that we do not have -- we have shortfalls and training and maintenance which lead to some readiness risk, near-term risk has characterized them. if we were
taxpayer assistance centers, the i.r.s. has decided to eliminate certain services such as tax return preparation that can be obtained through other chance. the i.r.s. assisted over 6.5 million taxpayers at these service centers in fiscal year 2013 but plans to reduce that year. by 14% this recognizes the gentlewoman from florida, ms. minutes. >> so, i want to thank all of you at american enterprise institute for the great work that you do when the opportunity to be with you today. as mckenzie said, secretary haeckel recently announced a number of recommendations and proposals that will be contained in the defense department fiscal year 2015 badges admission. it goes about pain that make in spending choices as having more losers than winners due to the fact that budgets are tight and could get even tighter is no way to win a popularity contest. in many respects, there is something in the package to set up just about everybody's alarm bells and on which meter. from my perspective and as i hope my remarks will make clear, the two categories of stakeholders most protected from the
Search Results 950 to 952 of about 953